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Holy Family Coro - La Sagrada Familia

Holy Family Monthly Home Visit

The Holy Family Monthly Home Visit is to promote prayer (pray for families); formation (work to increase your faith); charity (give assistance to a family in need); to transform each Christian family into a holy family and each home into a new Nazareth.

The Holy Family Monthly Home Visit offers a rewarding challenge to all families.  This devotion encourages the practice of the virtues shared by Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Those gathered in prayer around the Holy Family Chapel are guided to a deepening appreciation of the mysteries made manifest in Nazareth with regard to Christian marriage and the family.

This devotion is open to everyone: families, single parents, single persons and non-Catholic families and individuals.

The Monthly Home Visit consists of a grouping of families who form a part of the Holy Family.  The groupings can be 10, 15 or 30 families who welcome a little shrine, or capillita of the Holy Family, into their home for one, two, or three days each month.

The Holy Family little shrine occupies a visible place in each home where the members of the family gather to pray special devotions to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, for their own and other families, for the intentions of the members of the Association and of the Holy Father.

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